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  Core Values
The Niveus Group is founded on certain core values that are fundamental to our organisations success and continued growth, by investing in these values we create an environment where employee pride and fulfilment translates into customer satisfaction.

Unity of Purpose
At Niveus AG, our overarching value is community, the feeling that we all belong and matter to one another. We reflect this by:
  • Acting with integrity, tolerance and respect in everything we do
  • Promoting freedom and creativity in the application of talent among staff
  • Having fun from time-to-time and enjoying what we do
  • Going the extra mile
In creating unity of purpose, we will practice cooperation and teamwork. We practice open communication by keeping others informed, consider the needs of others, and at times, defer to the needs of others.

Service Excellence
We drive customer loyalty by creating positive experiences for customers that exceed their expectations, through understanding their needs and keeping our promises.
We strive to continually evolve the existing method of service into an environment that:
  • Promotes and nurtures service excellence
  • Builds and maintains a customer-oriented culture
  • Understands that service excellence at the front lines has to start with the concept of service excellence at the level of top management.
  • Understands that people and systems in the organization must be constantly tuned to customer needs and to managementís evolving concept of service excellence and performance management.